Pete Curry

Night Logic is Pete Curry’s super concentrated, full-length dose of Eighties dance-pop. On opener “Voicemail From a Bill Collector,” vocals of a sultry melancholy obsessively yearn while providing creative pronunciations for states Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Infectious rubber band synthesizers bound overhead and a face-melting guitar solo jet-skis across the lucid neon plain. It’s all enough to makeVangelis weep tears of joy.

The electropop aesthetic holds court for the entire album, exploring a multitude of moods and hooks. “Look All Around You” is a smooth but energetic flash lightning dance anthem. “The One” offers heartbeat pulsing drums, a grandiose synth melody, and an anthemic emotional core. “Final Boss (Money)” turns into a night cycle race with a flickering falsetto riding sidecar. Lovely crystalline instrumental interludes provide pit stops throughout the journey.

The lyrics are occasionally obscured by all the spectacle, allowing the listener to interpret many of the tracks however they would like. Who needs fully intelligible words when you can just dance? Ultimately, Curry creates a bionic being of a work, full of heart and circuitry, all of which serves his impressive vocal talents. All proceeds from Bandcamp purchases will be donated to the ACLU. Available on cassette. -Whurk